Gilroy Master Mechanics Make Car Care More Fun

Who would’ve thought that getting your car serviced and maintained can actually be a pleasant experience?!?!

That’s what we strive for…and our customers tell us it actually happens almost everyday. Gilroy AutoWorks is a family owned business that wants to be your car’s 2nd home…a Dealer Alternative with master mechanics that treat you like family instead of a target. Need a 30k 60k 90k scheduled factory maintenance? an oil change? or just a funny noise checked out? American, Japanese or European…your car will love our clean auto repair shop and our friendly staff that gets you safely back on the road.

Gilroy Oil Change Experts

Motor oil protects more functions within an engine than any other component or fluid. The purpose of engine oil is to lubricate internal moving parts and reduce wear. Most vehicle makes and models suggest an oil change every 3000 – 5000 miles.  Getting an oil change in Gilroy CA can actually be easy and enjoyable!

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