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Inside, outside and underneath, the new Nissan Z sports car looks great, blending heritage-inspired elements with plenty of modern touches. The car may have lost a number in its name, but it’s gained so much, chiefly a much nicer interior and far more technology.  More @Roadshow

The Nissan Z is finally here! At Edmunds, we’ve been anticipating the release of Nissan’s sporty coupe for a while, and in this video Ryan ZumMallen gives us a much-anticipated first look at the 2023 Nissan Z. The 370Z was released way back in 2009, and the Nissan roadster remained virtually unchanged until its discontinuation in 2020. But all that changes with the release of the 2023 Z, as Nissan has pumped this new Z with loads of technology features and a more powerful engine than its predecessor. How does the new Z compare to the previous generation? Ryan answers this question, plus talks about what to expect from the twin-turbo engine and takes a peek at the new interior features. While we weren’t able to drive the Z for this review, you can bet we’re going to push this two-seater to its limit. Stay tuned for that in the coming months. For now, we’re excited to finally get a first look at the 2023 Nissan Z.  More @ Edmunds


We’ve been waiting nearly 15 years for a new #NissanZ and for 2023, #Nissan is delivering just that. This new #Z takes cues from the original 1970 #Datsun240Z and is the first-ever Z car to just be called the Nissan Z. It goes on sale in Spring 2022 and should be priced around $40,000. More @RedlineReviews

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